Improved 80%. I can see the tangible results of the short training which is a 80% increase in my reading speed. Plus practice going forward, I am confident that my reading speed will be a lot faster! Thanks Alex.

Chrissy Cao – Auditor – KPMG

Improved 59%. Fantastic. Real Return on Investment! Very lovely presenter!

Ellie Moseley – Business Development – Thomson Reuters

Improved 112%. Good examples, enthusiastic and love to hear more about memory skills.

Jide Odunsi – Trader – Goldman Sachs

Improved 165%. The most useful technique I learnt was to look at 2 or 3 points on a line, instead of reading every word individually. It also made me realise that it is better to keep reading, rather than stopping and re-reading all the time. I think the techniques taught are very valuable and I’ll be able to keep using them and improve.

Emma Gibson – Editor – Sage

Improved 317%. I have found it extremely useful. I have struggled with reading since I was a child and I feel that these tools are good to really kick stat a new passion for reading.

Nikki Jones – Marketing and Sponsorship Executive – O2

Improved 147%. IInformation was very well presented and was effective when put into practice. I feel more confident that I can read faster. I also feel inspired to read more. I used to love reading but fell out of the habit.

Louise Simpkins – Operational Risk Manager – Bank of America

Improved 125%. I did like the course. In true sense, the potential was not realised. Achieved quite a lot of understanding of different techniques and would try to improve it.

Abhijeet Kulkami – Engineer – General Electric

Improved 125%. It was a fascinating insight into speed reading and I feel inspired to read more. I just need to make sure I do it now! I just wish I’d done this years ago. It was excellent!

Martin Dannhouser – Senior Policy Advisor – Home Office

Improved 100%. Target improvement was 30% and actual improvement was 100%! Good techniques to practice. Thanks!

Jennifer Bodie – Analyst – Goldman Sachs

Improved 123%. Taught me about the areas I need to focus on to improve comprehension and speed.

Sherjeel Ahmed – Vice President Finance – Barclays

Improved 55%. Great course. Very helpful. Potentially revolutionary to my life.

Jo Evans – Sales Trading – Citigroup

Improved 113%. Techniques put to practice, showing tangible improvement in speed of reading. Good balance of class talk and practice.

Anthony Schiller – Programmer – Thomson Reuters

Improved 86%. Very insightful, scientific and easy to follow.

Lindsey Harper – Concessions Manager – Harrods

Improved 213%. Don’t know where to start. I learned much more than how to read faster. Amazing tools for life and I am inspired to be better.

Kellie Golboume – Sales Executive for Film Distribution – The Walt Disney Company

Improved 84%. I saw I could read faster while actually improving my understanding. Ideas did stick.

Sandrine Andre – Business Analyst – JP Morgan

Improved 165%. Liked it because I feel as I can read faster and not feel as tired when reading.

Thomas Di Fonzo – Video Jornalist – The Wall Street Journal

Improved 63%. I wish speed reading courses could be made compulsory at every law school and university. I can’t believe learning a few simple reading techniques could have saved me half the anxiety of exams and standardised tests not to mention thousands of pounds spent on testing materials and some law courses. I had started hating reading for pleasure because of the numerous hours I spent on legal reading for work and school. I’d say it is one of the most rewarding amounts I’ve spent on my career! Definitely worth the money.

Flora Mutuku – Law student – BPP Law School

Improved 243%. Excellent, interesting, quantifiable results in a very short period of time, value for money, clearly a well oiled machine that seemed to work for all that attended!

Tom Mc Grath – Project Manager – RBS GBM

Improved 55%. Covers a lot of different areas (theory and practice examples) which is good to get an understanding that there is a lot more to it than just flying through the lines!! Very professional and also enjoyable course (would definitely recommend to others). Good amount of knowledge learnt in a short space of time.

Ben Sparke – Equities Trader – JP Morgan

Improved 56%. It was fantastic. Not only taught me practical methods of improving my reading, but has inspired me to read more. Delved into fascinating psychological aspects that I hadn’t anticipated – mind broadening stuff!

Sophie Dollar – Strategic Planner, Advertising – Wieden + Kennedy

Improved 82%. Very informative and useful – able to apply skills to everyday life. Can identify with several of the examples given. Very good course. Wish I had been on this course years ago.

Ahilan Pathmanathan – Doctor – NHS

Improved 140%. Great course, I definitely liked it! I learned some very useful techniques and concepts and had an opportunity to practice them.

Petar Lipovyanov – Analyst – HSBC

Improved 76%. Made me think about the written word in a number of different ways. Symbolic, in groups, in peripheral vision, as padding, content, sound, shape, position and now allows me to differentiate and filter out/in what is and isn’t needed.

Alexander Apponyi – SVP – Brookfield Asset Management

Improved 130%. Course presentation was concise and immediately relevant. Both the theory and practical aspects of course sustained my attention.

Michael Emealo – Technical Director – Chelsea FC

Improved 70%. It forced us to think about our reading speed and encouraged improving this. Some good techniques such as pointer and rhythm were useful.

Ritesh Ramji – Infrastructure Finance Adviser – PwC

Improved 145%. Variety of information presented in a very common sense way. The instructor is highly entertaining.

Marina Potok – Manager – UBS

Improved 52%. I want to be the best version of me possible. To do that I need to learn to do that I need to read. To do that fast is a massive plus. I thought it was logical and inspirational. Thank you.

Katie Candery – Strategic Planner – Bloomberg

Improved 176%. It allowed me to expand my reading capabilities and options to improve my reading capacities. I didn’t know I will be able to learn this technique and am happy I can read faster. I will continue to develop and improve my reading. I thought everything was good. Good tempo. Great presenter.

Andre White – Relationship Manager – Lloyds Banking Group

Improved 65%. Very useful and insightful. A lot of good examples and very inspiring!

Angelina Kouznestova – Assistant Director – Ernst & Young